Bowl Covers

I have several bowls that do not have covers and covering them with aluminum foil or plastic wrap is not always convenient as it’s hard to get a tight seal and keep the food fresh.  I found these handy little Elastic Edge Bowl Covers at  You get a set of 50 covers (10 each of 5 different sizes) for $4.99!  I use mine a few times, washing after each use or you can dispose of them after each.

Kind of like little 'shower caps'!

Nice tight seal = yummy fresh food!

Cutting a Watermelon

I like to cut a watermelon (cantaloupe, muskmelon, honey dew, etc) into bite size cubes to be kept in a large bowl in the refrigerator to make it easier to pack lunches, serve, or snack.  I’ve found that this way of cutting makes for an easy and short task of cutting any size melon.

1. Cut both ends off of the melon

2. Carefully cut of the rind around the sides of the melon, removing any excess you may have missed.

3. Cut the melon in half and then cut each half horizontally into slices.

4. Slice the melon vertically lengthwise

5. Turn the melon 1/4 turn and slice vertically (cross last cuts)


Slow Cooker Liners

Great little helper! Using these in your crock pot make clean up a whole lot easier!

I like to use these slow cooker liners when I cook with my slow cooker because they’re super easy to use.  (there may be other brands on the market but so far these have been all that I’ve seen) All you have to do is put them in the crock (one size fits all) add your ingredients and turn the slow cooker on.  When dinner is ready – serve your food and when it comes time to clean up…just remove the liner and throw it in the trash!  You’ll still want to clean your crock with warm water and soap but there is no cooked on mess to scour away!  Yay!