Instant Pot Poached Eggs

In our 32+ years of marriage I have tried making poached eggs on several occasions…I even purchased a couple of gadgets for assistance but nothing helped.  Then I got my Instant Pot and voila! I can make poached eggs!

Eggs  – I wouldn’t do more than four at a time as the more eggs you have the more time will be needed

1.5 cups water

  1. Place 1.5 cups water in bottom of Instant Pot.
  2. Place metal wire rack in bottom of Instant Pot over water.
  3. Crack eggs into silicone cups that have been sprayed with cooking spray.

  1. Put lid on Instant Pot and make sure that the pressure relief valve is closed.
  2. ‘Steam’ eggs.  For a runnier yolk steam for 3 minutes and NPR for 3 minutes and for a more solid yolk steam for 3 minutes and NPR for 6 minutes.  You may have to adjust times according to your preference on how the yolks are cooked.

Eggs Benedict….my FAVORITE!!

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