Amish Haystacks

Crushed saltines
Shredded lettuce
Taco meat
Diced green pepper
Diced onions
Diced tomatoes
Sunflower seeds (shelled)
Chopped olives (green or black, your preference
Crushed Doritos
Cheese sauce (used a powdered cheese sauce I purchased at an Amish bulk food store but you could use any kind of cheese sauce)

**Amounts will be determined by how many people you plan on serving.  For 5 people I browned roughly 2 pounds of ground beef and had plenty left over for another meal.

Pass ingredients around and have everyone ‘pile’ onto the center of their plate in the order listed above.  Keep in mind that you will have a fairly large ‘mound’ by the time you are finished.

This was served to us at an Amish home and enjoyed by everyone (about 60 of us).  I’ve found other recipes online for Amish Haystacks that call for other ingredients so you could add or subtract ingredients to your liking as well.

Completed Amish Haystack. Yum!

Completed Amish Haystack. Yum!

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