Menu 10/4 – 10/31

Day Date Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Saturday 10/4 Ham Biscuits Skillet potatoes (m), applesauce & crusty bread
Sunday 10/5 Breakfast grilled cheese (2) CP roast, potatoes, carrots, dinner rolls & cottage cheese
Monday 10/6 Pancakes & sausage Soup LO Bob’s Burgers, french fries & watermelon
Tuesday 10/7 Oatmeal & toast LO skillet potatoes Philly cheesesteak quesadilla (P)
Wednesday 10/8 Eggy Opa’s Out
Thursday 10/9 Cereal Salad Chicken Schnitzels (P), spaetzle and green beans
Friday 10/10 BEBG Macaroni & Cheese and hot dogs
Saturday 10/11 Bagels & fruit (1) CP Scalloped potatoes & ham (m), green beans & dinner rolls
Sunday 10/12 LO BEBG (2) Beef fajitas
Monday 10/13 Cereal LO scalloped potatoes Opa’s, baked beans and chips
Tuesday 10/14 Sunny eggs, bacon & toast CP Chicken & gravy (m) over mashed potatoes, corn & rolls
Wednesday 10/15 Oatmeal & toast LO chicken & gravy Out
Thursday 10/16 French toast & sausage Salad Taco casserole (m)
Friday 10/17 Breakfast grilled cheese LO Taco casserole Chicken-Orzo Soup (m) & crusty bread
Saturday 10/18 ??? LO Spaghetti & french bread
Sunday 10/19 Ham Biscuits LO chicken-orzo soup (1) Ham sandwiches, oriental broccoli slaw (m) & chips
Monday 10/20 BEBG CP Complete Steak Dinner (M)
Tuesday 10/21 Oatmeal & toast (3) White chicken enchiladas
Wednesday 10/22 Eggy Opa’s Salad Out
Thursday 10/23 Cereal Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & creamed corn
Friday 10/24 Pancakes & sausage LO meatloaf Frozen pizza
Saturday 10/25 Omelets, bacon & toast (3) LO White chicken enchiladas
Sunday 10/26 Bagels & fruit Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes & peas
Monday 10/27 LO BEBG Soup CP Pork chop dinner (m), gr beans w/bacon &onion & applesauce
Tuesday 10/28 Oatmeal & toast Chicken fettucine alfredo & crusty bread
Wednesday 10/29 Sunny eggs, bacon & toast LO Hamburger gravy Out
Thursday 10/30 Cereal Salad (2) Beef & Cheddar Taquitos (P)
Friday 10/31 ??? LO Taquitos LO chili

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