April 20 – May 19

Day Date Event Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Saturday 4/20 Travel to VC Bagelwich & fruit Salad LO Chili & corn bread
Sunday 4/21 Eggs, bacon, biscuits & fruit Pizza Rotisserie chicken, BE mac & cheese & green beans
Monday 4/22 Pancakes & sausage Hot dogs Salsa grilled chops, grilled zucchini & prepared wild rice
Tuesday 4/23 Cereal Soup Opa’s, tuna salad, baked beans & chips
Wednesday 4/24 Pineapple angel food Breakfast burritos ??? Garlic Lemon Stuffed chicken (P), creamy mashed (P), steamed broc & carrots (znk)
Thursday 4/25 Ft. Vancouver Sunny eggs, bacon & fruit Picnic lunch Out
Friday 4/26 Oatmeal & toast ??? Salisbury steak (P), mashed taters & corn
Saturday 4/27 Muffins & fruit ??? Cajun pork pasta & crusty bread
Sunday 4/28 Egg & bacon sandwich Soup Tacos
Monday 4/29 Cereal Salad Chicken & rice a roni casserole, cranberries & green beans
Tuesday 4/30 Mt. St Helens Bagelwich & fruit Picnic lunch LO Sloppy Mikeys, baked beans & chips
Wednesday 5/1 Oatmeal & toast Pizza Goulash (pkt), corn & dinner rolls
Thursday 5/2 BEBG Hot dogs Out
Friday 5/3 Tulip Farm Muffins & fruit Picnic lunch Burgers, mac salad, baked beans & chips (ZnK)
Saturday 5/4 Cereal ??? Sausage, pepper, potato, onion & zucchini packets
Sunday 5/5 Sunny eggs, bacon & fruit Soup Chicken & gravy sandwiches, jello & cucumber salad
Monday 5/6 Red velvet poke cake LO BEBG ??? Beef & broccoli (pkt) over rice
Tuesday 5/7 Seattle Out Picnic lunch Out
Wednesday 5/8 Oatmeal & toast Pizza LO Beef Vegetable Soup
Thursday 5/9 Pendelton Mills? Eggs, bacon & toast Salad Chicken kebabs, rice, corn on the cob & cucumbers (ZnK)
Friday 5/10 Muffins & fruit Hot dogs Out
Saturday 5/11 Breakfast burritos Sandwiches S&S Chicken
Sunday 5/12 Moms Day/strbry icebox cake Muffins & fruit ??? Steak, baked potatoes & salad
Monday 5/13 BEBG Salad Grilled pork chops, potatoes & green bean pkts & applesauce
Tuesday 5/14 Oregon Coast Bagelwich & fruit Picnic lunch Out
Wednesday 5/15 Pancakes & sausage ??? Spaghetti & garlic parm pull-apart bread ( R)
Thursday 5/16 Onetona Hike? Oatmeal & toast Picnic lunch LO Vegetable soup
Friday 5/17 LO BEBG Pizza Zack’s promotion party

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