1 box Nabisco Premium saltines (no substitutes)

2 cups canola oil

1 pkg ranch dressing mix

2 – 3 tsp crushed red pepper (adjust to your taste)


Open each sleeve of crackers and place them horizontally into a gallon zippered storage bag forming four layers of crackers.  (The whole box will fit in the bag…honest!)  Combine the canola oil, ranch dressing mix & crushed red pepper and stir until well blended.  Holding the bag upright, pour oil mixture over the crackers, covering as many as possible.  Securely close the bag.  Turn bag upside down and back several times to distribute the oil mixture throughout the crackers.  Lay the bag flat.  Flip the bag over every hour to distribute the oil mixture.  After 24 hours remove crackers from bag and place in a covered container.

Crackers marinating in oil mixture


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