Week of 4/21 – 4/27

Saturday 4/21 Breakfast Cereal
Lunch ???
Dinner LO chicken & dumplings
Sunday 4/22 Breakfast Muffins & fruit
Lunch ???
Dinner LO spaghetti & french bread
Monday 4/23 Breakfast Egg mcmuffins & fruit
Lunch Sandwich & chips
Dinner Brats, cucumber salad & potato salad
Tuesday 4/24 Breakfast Cereal
Lunch Sandwich & chips
Dinner Eggs, bacon, biscuits & gravy
Wednesday 4/25 Breakfast French toast & sausage
Lunch Salad
Dinner Chili & corn bread
Thursday 4/26 Breakfast Bagels & fruit
Lunch Out
Dinner Frozen pizza
Friday 4/27 Breakfast Eggs, bacon & toast
Lunch Sandwiches
Dinner Potluck

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