Change in Menu – 4/12

When we moved to Alabama and decided that I would not found a job but stay home to help us ‘ease’ into my husband’s retirement from the Army I was able to start making breakfast for my husband before he went off to work most mornings.  Shortly after I chose to make a menu for our breakfast meals.

This past month I decided to incorporate lunch into my menu, as well, since I pack on lunch for him on most days as well.  Prior to this I had two separate menus hanging on the refrigerator.  But when I made this month’s menu I decided to make a weekly menu that includes all three (breakfast, lunch & dinner) meals in one convenient location.  I still make a month’s menu at a time – I just have 4 menus hanging on the refrigerator now.  So far, I really like it!  It works well for us…it might not for you.  Maybe you just want to stick with one week or two weeks of dinner menus.  Whichever route you take I think that you’ll notice that your grocery bill is reduced as there is no ‘guessing’ when it comes to making a grocery list – you just have to look at your menu and make your grocery list from it!  Good luck!

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