Slow Cooker Cubed Steak & Beans

2 cans green beans (or two cups fresh green beans)


1/2 of the liquid in the can of green beans
1 can cream of mushroom soup (I used cream of celery, you could use other cream soups as well)
1 Tbsp Kitchen Bouquet
4 cubed steaks
salt & pepper, to taste

If using a slow cooker liner, insert into slow cooker.  Put green beans in bottom of the slow cooker along with 1/2 of the liquid.  Put cubed steaks on top of the beans, try not to over lap the steaks.  Combine Kitchen Bouquet & soup until mixed well, place over top of cubed steaks.  Salt and pepper to taste. Cook on LOW for 7-9 hours.

This is a super easy meal to prepare and something different to do with cubed steaks.

A recipe that is very easy to 1/2 (for those of us that are cooking for two) or double if cooking for a bigger crowd.

All set and ready to cook!

Completed dish

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