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Banana Pudding

10.28.2010 · Posted in Desserts, Trifles

When my husband was stationed in Montgomery, Alabama with the U.S. Army his company often had potlucks and this dish was ALWAYS requested and every last drop of it was gobbled up.  It’s easy enough to make so I always obliged.

1 – 5 oz package instant vanilla pudding      

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  1. […] made a banana pudding right away this morning so that it had plenty of time to chill before I took it over to the Reserve […]

  2. […] had some bananas left from when I made banana pudding last week so I decided to make some banana bread – one of Michael’s favorites!  It was […]

  3. […] routine (email, Facebook, Candy Crush, etc) I made some omelets for breakfast and then made the banana pudding for our Thanksgiving feast.  I also added some fresh bananas to the fruit salad we made yesterday […]

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